Our Projects

Our Projects

February 2020 Half Term

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner (Violence Reduction Unit, VRU)) awarded and tasked 5UP to deliver a FREE programme for individuals aged from 8 to 18 years.

It was the VRU’s initiative designed to divert 8-18-year olds away from violence. Our activities, Muay Thai, Boxing, Football and fitness activities helped the young people achieve their potential and develop valuable skills to help them flourish.

The West Midlands Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Ashley Bertie said: “It is vital young people, from all backgrounds, have access to positive activities, as well as strong mentors and role models.

“Half-term can see young people get drawn into negative behaviour, or even crime, and it is vital we provide an alternative for those most at risk.”

During the February Half Term - 17th-22nd 5UP engaged with almost 60 local young people with many of them attending at least 3 of the days.

This programme was also carried on for the next 6 consecutive Saturdays and ONLY the last two Saturdays were shut down due to COVID-19.

The success of this programme resulted with a positive endorsement from the Violence Reduction Unit.

Aaron Northmore, Sport Policy Officer at West Midlands Violence Reduction Unit

“In February 2020, 5UP CIC secured investment from the West Midlands Violence Reduction Unit to deliver a programme of diversionary activities in Handsworth. This programme set out to positively engage at risk young people during a period of anticipated increase in anti-social behaviour, youth criminality and vulnerability. Over the course of a six-week delivery period, 5UP CIC positively engaged with and support almost 60 local young people and connected in with local policing teams and partners to ensure programme integrity.

The work of 5UP CIC is absolutely paramount to the ambitions of the Violence Reduction Unit whereby local community provides, who have a strong reach into their local community, are empowered and supported and enabled to build protective and pro-social behaviours in young people protecting and diverting them from future engagement in violence.

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that the West Midlands Violence Reduction Unit look forward to working with 5UP CIC in the future.

Over 40’s Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Programme

The National Lottery awarded 5UP with £10,000 to deliver a fitness and healthy life style programme for the over 40’s. 5UP will run a pilot project for a period of 4 weeks, which will include fitness classes for the over 40’s. If this is successful, the project may be awarded a further £100,000 by the National Lottery.

As part of this programme, the participants will receive for FREE, T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms, healthy snacks, and drinks.

To register your interest in this programme, please email us on info@5up.co.uk