Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Form

Name of Club 5UP C.I.C
Location 13 Raleigh Industrial Park, Handsworth, Birmingham, B21 8JF
Contact Person Nathan Bendon
Date 10th Jan 2019


5UP C.I.C uses the facilities and premises of NJB’s Thai Boxing and fitness gym managed and run by Nathan Bendon.

The floor is clean, has a non-slip surface and is free from obstacles and hazards YES NO
Equipment is not in hazardous position or blocking entry/exist points YES NO
Space is appropriate for the activity and number of participants YES NO
Lighting and heating is sufficient YES NO
Comments/Actions taken or required

Ropes, rope ties and turnbuckles in good repair and ropes securely fastened and not frayed YES NO
Underlay in good repair and of enough thickness as stated in the rules and regulation YES NO
Canvas is tight, smooth and with no rips or tears YES NO
Comments/Actions taken or required

All equipment is appropriate for the number, age of boxers YES NO
Gloves are in good repair, foam of sufficient depth across the knuckles YES NO
Groin protectors are in good repair and are a good fit – everyone to provide own equipment YES NO
Mouth guards are properly fitted – fit – everyone to provide own equipment YES NO
Hand wraps are of appropriate length and material YES NO
Footwear is in good repair and is a good fit – bare feet are appropriate YES NO
Comments/Actions taken or required
Due to health and safety everyone should have their own groin protector, hand wraps and mouth guard.
Boxing gloves can be provided and are regularly sprayed clean to eliminate bacteria and odours.

Enough space around equipment for it to be used safely YES NO
Punch bag are sufficiently padded to not cause hand damage YES NO
Bag chains and fastenings are securely tightened and in good repair with no broken links or bent fastenings YES NO
Mats have no tears or rips YES NO
Skipping ropes have secure handles and are in good condition YES NO
Medicine balls are in good condition with no splits YES NO
Weights: stands, bars and collars are all in good condition with secure collars and no damage to welds YES NO
Aerobic equipment (e.g. bikes, cross trainers) are maintained in accordance with manufacturing’s recommendations YES NO
Comments/Actions taken or required

Boxers are suitably attired and are not wearing jewellery YES NO
Any injuries are considered when planning and conduction activities, which must be suitable YES NO
Comments/Actions taken or required
All gym members must notify instructors of any injuries that they are carrying before proceeding to actively participate in any physical activities.

Sparring only takes place when a full coach is present YES NO
Sparring is NOT conducted by any coaches under the age of 18 YES NO
Correct equipment is always worn during sparring i.e. mouth guard, gloves, protectors etc. YES NO
Boxers and coaches to understand the need for control in conditioned and technique sparring and understanding that it is a learning experience YES NO
Boxers are matched suitably to age, experience, ability, weight and height YES NO
Suitable themes are chosen relative to age, experience and ability YES NO
A range of sparring opportunities are on offer, tailored to the needs of the boxers YES NO
Comments/Actions taken or required
Gym members must realise that they will be getting hit in the face and body. This is a controlled environment, and NOBODY can hit others at FULL FORCE – maximum is 50% power.
Sparring is a controlled environment and we do NOT expect gym members to get seriously injured OR cause harm to others.
Members NOT obeying rules will be warned and if persistent flouting of the rules. They will be excluded for a period OR banned permanently from the gym.

All coaches hold appropriate first aid qualifications YES NO
Emergency procedures are published and available for all to see, and all coaches are aware of them YES NO
A working telephone landline is available YES NO
Emergency access points are checked and operational YES NO
A fully equipped first aid kit is available at all sessions YES NO
There is an accident/incident book in place and accessible, in which injuries other than minor training injuries are logged YES NO
A range of sparring opportunities are on offer, tailored to the needs of the boxers YES NO
Comments/Actions taken or required

Potential Effect Existing Controls in Place Score Further Controls Required
1.Student deliberately punches another student in the lesson to cause harm The offending student must sit out the lesson and may no partake in the lesson the following week Low If student re-offends, they will NOT be able to attend the lesson for a month or maybe EXCLUDED
2.The gym can get very hot and stuffy Open the shutter door Low
3.With a large group of students there is not enough room to train safely Keeping the sessions numbers small, and splitting the students into different groups Low
4.Gloves, wraps or ropes could be left lying around and could be a potential trip hazard Ensuring that all equipment is put away and that none are left lying around when not required Medium
5.If you fall on the gym floor, you could hurt yourself Soft matting is provided on the floors Low Regularly check matting conditioning and replace when required
6.The training is of a physical nature and the incorrect execution of a manoeuvre could result in harm A coach will always be present to ensure the correct techniques are executed Low
7.Certain medical conditions could cause injury to the students when training Students are encouraged to tell the coach of any conditions or injuries that they might be worried about during training. Students who are struggling with any part of the session, would be advised to rest Medium
8.If a student does not know the punch technique and how to hold the pads, they may harm themselves or harm others All students are taught correct punch techniques at 50% speed and the correct technique in hold of the pads Low
9.Aggressive or bad behaviour could be used in the lesson by the student and against each other Aggressive or abusive behaviour is UNACCEPTABLE, and any student seen to be disrupting the lesson or trying to hurt any other students will be suspended or banned Low Student will be given warnings before drastic actions like permanent ban taking place
10.There may be students who are experienced in Thai Boxing which may lead to injury Any advanced or experienced boxers will be paired off with a beginner and encouraged to develop their partners whilst at the same time work at bettering their own skill Low
11.Due to the intensity of the sport of Thai Boxing, students may feel that they are NOT able to take part Thai boxing is fun, recreational activity delivered in an educational environment for ALL students at ALL levels from the age of 5 years Low Sessions are designed for ALL participate at that person’s individual level, without the need to add extra pressure. Thai boxing caters for ALL levels NOT just the high-level fighters. If its not FUN or challenging, then this sport will NOT be forced on to individuals.
12.What will the student do in an event of an emergency/Health and Safety A health and safety brief and emergency drill will be explained prior to the commencement of the class. Fire Exists, Muster Points, Toilets, First aid. Low